Buckner Dominicana: Shining Hope in Eduardo Brito

Our third day in the Dominican Republic seemed as busy as the first two. We visit the Family Hope Center in Eduardo Brito. We were greeting by students taking accounting classes, placed our fingerprints on the Buckner tree, and visited Mrs. Dinorah De La Rosa’s home. She is the focus of one of the stories […]

Buckner Dominicana Engaging Families

I arrived in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic on Columbus Day, Monday October 12, 2015. Our timing was pretty amazing. However, as I listened to Dominicans describe this day, they spoke of celebrating the “Meeting of the Races,” or “Dia de las Razas.” While they did not celebrate Columbus, they did celebrate their history. I realized […]

Buckner Dominicana Engaging Community Leaders

I just returned from a President’s Vision trip to the Dominican Republic to visit the staff and work of Buckner Dominicana. Donors, pastors, and staff went with me to visit the work of Buckner in two Family Hope Centers as well as visits government offices and churches. Brad Barnett, Senior VP for Buckner Children and […]

The First 90 Days of The Jesus Agenda

The First 90 Days of The Jesus Agenda has been fun to watch as news of the book has hit the airwaves, magazines, on-line news outlets, and social media. Recently USA Headline News featured an article with a radio interview embedded in the online version. • There was also a very nice book review by […]

The Jesus Agenda, Engaging your story of Redemption

It has almost been a month since The Jesus Agenda: Becoming an Agent of Redemption, was released by Believers Press. Buckner staff, trustees, friends, and donors have begun reading this book and have provided an encouraging response. The Jesus Agenda is about shining hope for redemptive transformation in the lives of vulnerable children, orphans, and […]

Buckner and Texas Baptists: Doing More Together

On Tuesday of this week, it was my pleasure to present the Jeremiah’s Hope Award to the Executive Board of the Baptist General Convention of Texas. Dr. Ron Lyles, Chairman of the Executive Board, Executive Director Dr. David Hardage, and members of the Executive Board graciously provided time for us to present this video of […]


Last week in Guatemala, I led a team from an audience with the Supreme Court and other government dignitaries to the home of a family in need just outside of Antigua. It was quite a contrasting experience. We stopped by to visit the Buckner Family Hope Center there and then visited a family close by. […]

Buckner Nation

I recently returned from a Vision Trip to Guatemala with staff and prospective donors. Part of our activities for the week included a “Protocol” Ceremony with officials of the Guatemalan Government including Justices of the Supreme Court, the Attorney General, the Executive Director of the National Council for Adoption, and the Secretary of Social Well […]

The Jesus Agenda: Becoming An Agent of Redemption

I have just completed a book by this title: The Jesus Agenda: Becoming an Agent of Redemption. My expectation is that this book will be published and ready for distribution in early May, right before mother’s day. The book features the theme of redemption as the heart of our ministry at Buckner. It is ideal […]

Not One Orphan Child But All Orphan Children

These are the words that are etched on the tombstone of the late Rev. Dr. Robert Cooke Buckner, Founder of Buckner Orphan’s Home in Dallas, Texas. His epitaph has become the title for the keynote lecture I will present at Harvard University on Friday, November 7, 2014. The Global Symposium on Child Permanency is a […]