Buckner Builds Families… Redemptive Families

In my first blog on “Buckner Builds Families,” I mentioned this phrase as the core mission of Buckner. Just three words: “Buckner Builds Families.” That is what we do and it is easy to remember. We build families for children through foster care, adoption, and family strengthening programs. We build a sense of family for senior adults through life planned communities. But what kind of families are we talking about?

My answer is simple. We build Redemptive Families. Family take many shapes and forms. In our understanding of “family” we are talking about a father, mother, with a child or children; we are talking about single parents too, with a child or children. Some families are blended with children from previous marriages. But the strategic characteristic of these families is that they are redemptive in nature. By “redemptive” I mean these families provide a safe and secure place for children to flourish; families in tune with God’s redemptive purpose for each other and for the children. We all come to our families with our painful past. We need somebody to help us take “what was intended for harm, and turn it into good.” We need a place that we can call home; a place where we can be our real selves, be accepted unconditionally; a place where we can make mistakes, and recover from sinful patterns. We need a place of grace, mercy, forgiveness, and hope.

I wrote about book about this subject in 2015 called The Jesus Agenda: How to Become an Agent of Redemption (see www.jesusagendabook.com for more information). The book is an invitation for everyone who has been redeemed to also become an agent of redemption for vulnerable children, orphans, and families. Buckner builds families, redemptive families, and we want to help you do the same. Your time, your skills, and your resources are critical in developing the redemptive potential in families around you.

You are the key solution for a family like Marta’s http://www.buckner.org/dallas-media. Marta and her husband live in the Bachman Lake area and participate in the Buckner Family Hope Center at Bachman Lake. They were making piñatas in their one-bedroom apartment and selling them to a vendor for $15 a piece. Marta and her husband began taking a class in our Family Hope Center and began to take their product directly to market, selling them for $45 to $50 each. Marta and her husband didn’t have time to dream before they came to the Buckner Family Hope Center at Bachman Lake; they were focused on survival. Now they dream that each of their children will grow up and have the opportunity to earn a college degree and have an opportunity for economic success and a productive life.

There are literally thousands of Marta’s waiting for you to come and help them reach their redemptive potential. Go to www.buckner.org to find ways to volunteer your time, your skills, and your resources to redeem the lives of children and families right here in Dallas or Amarillo, Lubbock, Midland, Longview, Lufkin, Conroe, Houston, Beaumont, McAllen, Mission, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Dominican Republic, Peru or Kenya. Let 2018 become the year you help redeem a life, a family, the next generation.

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