Buckner Builds Families… Redemptive Families with Hope for Kingdom Living

In my first blog on “Buckner Builds Families,” I mentioned this phrase as the core mission of Buckner. Just three words: “Buckner Builds Families.” That is what we do and it is easy to remember. We build families for children through foster care, adoption, and family strengthening programs. We build a sense of family for senior adults through life planned communities. But what kind of families are we talking about?

My answer is simple. We build redemptive families. Last week I added another key descriptor of our work, hope. We Build Families: redemptive families with hope. This week I am adding one more descriptor: “Buckner Builds Families – redemptive families with hope for Kingdom living.” Now, that sounds like a tall order, maybe even impossible. However, it is actually simple and within our reach. But how?

The Buckner Family Hope Center at Bachman Lake helped the Sanchez family improve their lives through family coaching and by helping them improve their new business.

Buckner Family Hope Center at Bachman Lake. Actually, we have already begun to serve children and families of the Bachman Lake – Webb Chapel area of Dallas. I asked Ricardo Brambila to relocate to Dallas from McAllen, Texas, where he was founding director of the Buckner Family Hope Center at Peñitas near McAllen, Texas to serve as the founding director of the Buckner Family Hope Center at Bachman Lake in Dallas. Ricardo is uniquely gifted for this leadership assignment. He began in January of 2017 leading this ministry. The results of his work have been amazing. His team members include Juan Valdez, Sabrina Sariles, and Marcela Dominguez as a family coach, youth specialist, and community service coordinator.

Ricardo’s team has been working with the five elementary schools in the Bachman Lake area and has held numerous community events with 200 to 400 people in attendance at each event. We are already engaging, equipping, and elevating families. Families are responding enthusiastically to our presence, provision of back to school supplies, shoe distributions, financial education, parenting skills, jobs for life classes, English as a Second Language (ESL), and many other resources. The pastoral leadership of The Village Church at Walnut Hill has graciously agreed to lease space for Ricardo and his team to meet temporarily until we find a permanent location. We hope to announce plans about a permanent home for this ministry in 2018.

What we are dreaming about now is bringing “the Kingdom near” for families living in this area. This phrase comes from the gospel of Luke 10:1-9. When “the Kingdom comes near” it hovers over children and families…the King comes near. His name is Jesus of Nazareth. When he shows up people begin to experience healing, justice, and hope. The King shows up when we show up because he lives in us. We begin to see relationships work as though the King is present. He makes things right and invites us to engage, equip, and elevate families consistent with his way of doing things. My vision is to engage you in this Kingdom journey so that, together, we can see families transformed. It is already happening. Learn how to engage with us at www.buckner.org.

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2 thoughts on “Buckner Builds Families… Redemptive Families with Hope for Kingdom Living

  1. It is a joy to be part of what God is doing and will bear fruit of redemptive transformation! Thank you Dr. Reyes and Henry Jackson for allowing ne to be part of Buckner Family Hope Center @ Bachman Lake

  2. Dr. Reyes,

    I praise the Lord for what’s happening in Buckner. It makes me remember the words of our Lord Jesus in Luke 4:18-19. He realizes that people needs hope, education, care, love and more importantly, people needs Jesus. Jesus provided all and you and your team are doing the same. Hallelujah!!!

    Thank you for what you and your team are doing. Amazing!