stability1At the end of the month of May 2016, I had the privilege of travelling to Guatemala to catch up with Dulce and her sisters for a visit. Dulce received the 3 millionth pair of shoes Buckner collected over the past 15 years. One year ago I met Dulce, her sisters, and her parents on a visit with Dr. Debbie Potter and Dana Stubblefield of San Antonio. We met the girls and their parents on a home visit near Jocotenango-Antigua Guatemala. On that trip, Debbie and Dana, Buckner donors, were moved by their condition and decided to do something about it on that Thursday. By Sunday they were back in San Antonio and raised the funds needed to purchase a plot of land and build a cinder-block house for this family.

When I visited with the girls this year, I asked a question: What is the difference of living in this home from the one where you used to live? Michelle, one of the older sisters put the answer into one word: Stability. Stability is “the ability to withstand force or stress without being distorted, dislodged, or damaged.” This was the word Michelle selected. It was her word. She felt safe and stable. The former home was a rental property with a dirt floor with very little furniture. Their new home has two bedrooms, a kitchen, and a bathroom. We often take for granted the home that we live in. It provides a safe place that can withstand force or stress without being distorted, dislodged or damaged.

stability2I noticed the girls were doing their homework on their beds or on top of a dresser. I asked our staff to look into getting a table or school desks for them. I affirmed their mother for placing a priority on education but also encouraged her to allow time and space for homework for her girls. They have dreams. They want to be teachers, flight attendants, and a vetinarian. Their home is not only a place of stability but a place where dreams are born.

Read more about serving vulnerable children through an article I wrote “Justice and a heart for the fatherless in the global village” at CT Online, Christianity Today in English or Cristianismo Hoy in Spanish.

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One thought on “Stability

  1. Although we didn’t get to meet Dulce and her family, we were privileged to be on that trip to Guatemala and see first hand the work Bucker does. Whether you serve as a missionary or as a donor or as a prayerful contributor God will multiply your blessings.