Partners in the Gospel

I had the privilege of visiting the campus of Campbellsville University (CU), a private Christian liberal arts university in Kentucky at the beginning of March. I was invited to speak at their weekly convocation, share lunch with faculty and staff, and then to be interviewed on the university tv/radio program. You can learn more about the exciting programs at CU at

campbellsville2The convocation was an exciting time of worship led by students. The theme for the week was “Partners in the Gospel,” based on Philippians 1:7. After showing a Buckner video “Hope is Alive,” I shared a message on “When Jesus Shows Up,” based on Luke 4:14-30. I was hosted by Ed Pavy, Director of Spiritual Life at CU. The students responded very positively to an invitation to engage and serve vulnerable children, orphans, and their families in Texas and six countries outside the USA. They were challenged to collect shoes and to wash feet and place shoes on children. Students picked up most of our brochures, purchased copies of my book, The Jesus Agenda, and took time to express their interest in serving children.

campbellsville1I shared lunch with several faculty including Dr. Twyla Hernandez, Associate Professor of Christian Missions serving in the School of Theology, Dr. John Hurtgen, Dean of the School of Theology and Professor of New Testament and Greek, and Dr. John Chowning, Executive Assistant to the President, Government, Community, and Constituent Relations. Several other faculty members joined our luncheon for a Q/A time with me about Buckner, including professors from the Carver School of Social Work and Counseling and other staff.

After lunch Dr. John Chowning was my host during a 30 minute TV/Radio program on the CU campus. He asked very interesting questions and made me feel like we were having a conversation in his living room. We covered topics about my background, Buckner ministry,

I left CU with a sense of expectation that lots of good things would come from my visit to the campus. Students were engaged, interested, and passionate about making a difference in their world. Several asked me about getting involved in short term missions, and others asked about potential job openings at Buckner. The faculty was very friendly and the mood was very up-beat. CU is an outstanding example of Christian higher education at its best. I met students with bright minds and bright lives. I hope to visit again to spend more time on campus raising the Buckner vision of providing healthy family environments so children can experienced a Christ-centered approach to life. Hope shines bright at CU.

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