Buckner Dominicana: Shining Hope in Eduardo Brito

eduardo-brito1Our third day in the Dominican Republic seemed as busy as the first two. We visit the Family Hope Center in Eduardo Brito. We were greeting by students taking accounting classes, placed our fingerprints on the Buckner tree, and visited Mrs. Dinorah De La Rosa’s home. She is the focus of one of the stories in the fall issue of Buckner Today written by Aimee Freston, page 39.

Dominicana-Engaging-Families5Later in the day Brad Barnett, Dexton Shores, and Maria Alida de Brugal, Executive Director of Buckner Dominica met with the First Lady’s office to develop ways we might support each other in order to serve children and families. I have the privilege of meeting with government officials in the countries where Buckner serves. We strive to serve government leaders in their efforts to serve their communities.

eduardo-brito3We were able to squeeze in a little time to do some sight-seeing and came across the statue of Christopher Columbus, the Spanish explorer. One last stop before we returned to the USA was a radio interview to feature the work of Buckner in the DR and to promote The Jesus Agenda, Buckner Shoes for Orphan Souls, and invite folks from across the DR and other countries to support us in our ministry.

eduardo-brito5This was an outstanding trip and a fun time with Buckner Dominicana staff. The leadership of Maria Alida de Brugal is nothing short of exceptional. She serves with a Christ-centered focus, a servant spirit, and is passion-driven. She exemplifies the values we live by. She demonstrated once again that everything tends to rise or fall on the quality of the leadership in place. Maria is no exception.

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