The Jesus Agenda: Becoming Agents of Redemption is here!

The wait is finally over tja-bookand the book has arrived. Over the years I have written articles, dissertations, and chapters in books but this is the first book I have ever written. I am so excited to have written this book while serving at Buckner International. We often tell the Buckner story by telling Buckner stories. So I took some of the best Buckner stories and blended them with my own story to engage Jesus followers with us as we pursue the Kingdom of God.

Reflecting over the years on Jesus’ first sermon in his hometown of Nazareth, my mind and heart are filled with questions. What would it mean in the 21st century to preach good news to the poor? What would good news for the poor look like? What would it mean for Buckner International and for me personally to serve the prisoner, the blind, the oppressed, and to announce the Lord’s favor? What does it mean today for you and for me? What does that first sermon preached in the synagogue by Jesus have to do with our lives, our families, our churches, our ministries, and the Kingdom of God? My answers to these questions emerge from my own story of redemption as described in my book: The Jesus Agenda: Becoming an Agent of Redemption.

You can order your copy or order copies for your Bible Study Group or learn more about it at All proceeds go toward programs that impact the lives of vulnerable children, orphans, and their families.

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