It’s Good Friday…What Did Jesus Die For?

Today is Good Friday. It is good because it was the day Jesus died a terrible death in order to make the redemption of my life and soul a possibility. But is that all?

Absolutely not! He died to set us free from the slavery of sin. He died to make a way for us to have a relationship with God. He died to give us abundant life. He died to weave us into his plan for history. He died so that we might have life. He died so that we might discover the meaning of life and his plan for eternity. He died to restore the imago Dei in us.

The life, death, burial, and resurrection make possible the indwelling Spirit of God in you and me. He died and rose again to conquer death and to breathe new life into us. He died so we really could be the salt of the earth, the light of the world.

Through his death and resurrection we are called out of darkness into his wonderful light. So why did he die for you? Why did he die for your family? Why did he die for your church? Why did he die for our family of faith?

I think he died that we might fully live and grow into our full potential for his glory. We give God glory and we honor our risen King when we do his work, the work of bringing real good news to homeless in New Orleans, the abandoned children in Mexico City, the child who has no family and whose only choice is to live in Beaumont or Lubbock in one of our residential facilities. We bring glory to God when we preach good news to abused moms and their children by offering them The Family Place in Dallas, Amarillo, Lufkin, Midland, and Lubbock to recuperate, re-group, and re-start their lives with new opportunities for economic sustainability.

We bring good news to families when we dig water well in a community where there was no water. We bless the nations when we create jobs where there was no work. We bring freedom to the prisoner when we make a place for their children at the Lord’s Table. We bring good news to the oppressed when we help them obtain documents for legal immigration to the USA. We bring good news when we put new socks and shoes on children who do not have shoes in 60 countries. We serve the least of these: the hungry, the poor, the naked, and the sick. We serve the least of these when we say “you don’t have to face life alone” and we provide a family for that child.

I think Jesus died and rose again so we might do everything he commanded us in the fullness of his redeeming love for us and for those who live without hope, without God, and without Christ in this world. This is why Friday is good.

I will see you on the other side of Easter because He is Risen!

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